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Check out 3 different types of relaxation massage and their benefits

Shiatsu, Ayurvedic and Swedish massage are the most popular types of massages for those who want to improve.

This is after the meeting, a movement that is always chaotic, and at the end of the day, tension does not achieve peace. The best way to handle this stress. It’s quiet

Do you need a relaxing moment? Below are 3 popular search methods.


This is a form of massage of the millennium, based on traditional Chinese medicine and Oriental medicine, which provides health and wellbeing. “Shiatsu is a Japanese origin which means pressure (‘Atsu’) with dedos (‘Shea’), but this can also be done with knees, palms and knees,” explains Roberto Debski, a specialist in the homeopathy and acupuncture of the Brazilian Medical Association.

Shiatsu Massage is done with the patient lying down and you can use essential oils to ease wrinkles. “The therapist puts pressure on pain points in the areas where they are, to help with energy and blood flow, muscle relaxation and anesthesia,” the doctor explains.

Shiatsu is a type of massage that can be shown:

generalized pain (such as headache, migraine), back pain, muscles and joints);
emotional and emotional problems (such as anxiety and stress);
sleep disorders
sports injuries;
lack of life;
eating disorders;
improve blood circulation and circulation.

“Through shiatsu, it can relieve muscle damage, enhanced condition, balance of blood flow and energy flow of the body. brings more, energy and workability, ”adds Debbsky.


Techniques of Yoga and Aurveda techniques. “According to the Indian expert Manish, Aurvedic massage in delhi is based on three principles: vital energy, blood circulation and breathing. Massage is done with deep and solid lamps and uses natural products such as vegetable oils.

“Our technique improves relaxation, blood flow and energy, and calms and activates muscles. Through action, the toxins found in the muscles and the body are released and, as a result, have a toxic and soothing effect.

Ayurvedic massages are suitable for all ages, provided there are no medical facilities available to purchase the equipment.

Swedish massage

This technique has been found in Sweden and comes in five maneuvers in a row: roller, pressure, dough, vibration and pulse. In this type of massage, some are accustomed to using massage oils or Talcum powder to reduce the feeling of drowsiness.

“Massage offers not only relaxation but also a number of benefits that come from specific patient methods according to their needs. Increased blood flow in addition to relieving stress.” .

Therefore, Swedish massage is suitable for those who suffer from muscle tension, tension, insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain and muscle pain.

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